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Raul Monroy Borja

Nombre:Raul Monroy Borja
Género: Masculino
Institución/Empresa: Tecnológico de Monterrey
Inst. último grado : Edinburgh University
Curriculum Vitae


Raúl Monroy obtained a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in 1998 from Edinburgh University, under the supervision of Prof. Alan Bundy. He has been in Computing at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México, since 1985. There, he is a (full) Professor and he has founded the research group in Advanced Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Monroy is a member of the CONACYT-SNI Mexican Research System, currently rank 3 (top). He is a fellow of the Mexican Academy of Sciences and of the Mexican Academy of Computing. His research focuses on the design and development of novel machine learning models, which he often applies in the domain of cyber security, public security, etc. Prof. Monroy has held 15 research grants from several funding agencies, including Google (holder), CONACYT (holder) - the Mexican research council -, ECOS - NORd (co-holder), BMBF (co-holder), DAAD, (co-holder), FRIDA (holder) and CONACyT-REDII (co-holder) and is the sole or joint author of over 90 published papers. He is programme co-chair for MICAI-2004, MICAI-2005 and MICAI 2009. He has been President of the Mexican Society for Artificial Intelligence (2010 - 2012), chair of the CONACYT Research Network on ICT (2012 - 2014), and Secretary to the Mexican Academy of Computing (2018 - 2020).


Más recientes.
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